N577CM was rebuilt using the following Manufacturers’ STC’s:

Cub Crafters

1. STC #SA00703SE Cub Crafters right side door

2. STC #SA00951SE Cub Crafters metal headliner

3. STC #SA00750SE Cub Crafters Boot cowl and firewall assembly

4. STC #SA00415SE Cub Crafters Fuel System

5. STC #SA0275SE Cub Crafters Vortex Generators

6. STC#SA01126SE Cub Crafters Side and upper window replacement

7. STC#SA00562SE Cub Crafters McCauley Prop

8. STC#SA1245CE Cub Crafters Scott Master Cylinder replacement

F. Atlee Dodge

1. STC #SA02011AK F. Atlee Dodge Top Deck X Brace

2. STC #SA02007AK F. Atlee Dodge Main landing gear long step

3. STC #SA3606NM F. Atlee Dodge Landing gear fueling step

4. STC # SA02043AK F. Atlee Dodge pilot seat belt attach brackets

5. STC #SA590AL F. Atlee Dodge Extended baggage compartment

Steves Aircraft

1. STC#SA01026SE Steve’s improved gascolator

Alaskan Bushwheel

1. STC# SA01015SE Alaska Bushwheel Tires

Thrustline Products of Alaska

1. STC#SA02211AK Thrust line Mod

Dans Aircraft Repair

1. STC# SA02138AK Dan’s under seat battery

Leading Edge exaust Systems

1. STC#SA02204AK LEE Exhaust

Air Tech Coatings Inc.

1. STC#SA7965SW Air-Tech coatings Inc.



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